23rd July

Why students Fail to succeed in the exams (SSC, IBPS, SBI, IAS, RBI, etc.) :

10 Reasons


A total of 1,786,047 candidates appeared for the SSC CGL 2015 examination across the country and less than 25000 candidates got selected (both interview and non-interview posts) in SSC CGL Tier - II, that comes to approximately 1.4 % of the total aspirants who appeared for SSC CGL examination 2015. The statistics display similar story for other exams too. (SSC, IBPS, SBI, IAS, RBI, etc.) . Only a few candidates (1-2% ) make into the final list.  

Applicants usually read interviews & success stories of those who made it to the final list and what make them stand out from remaining 98-99% aspirants. But, this article is not about 1- 2 %Champions (as the number is too small to tell the complete story), but of 98-99% unsuccessful candidates, who have some common traits that ensure their failure every.

The funny thing is, these 98-98 % unsuccessful candidates keep repeating same mistakes , getting the same results: failure, disappointment, frustration, distress, etc.

On the other hand,  A successful candidate clears one exam, then clear next , then next one. He is clearing many exams by following right habits & by avoiding bad ones.

To start preparation journey, A serious candidate must know, What not to do during preparation? What are the common mistakes unsuccessful candidates are making?

So we are going  to discuss 10  habits/beliefs commonly shared by unsuccessful aspirants or you can say the 10 mantras not to follow - (Avoid following habits if you want to see success in life & happiness on the face of your MOM & DAD)


1. Believe in material Hunting



Unsuccessful aspirants do lots of material hunting, both offline & online. Offline, they inquire & purchase all feasible books & magazines. Online, they join all possible discussion forums, telegram group, whatsapp group and so on. Downloading anything & everything from all possible online sources & discussing no. of vacancies, cut offs is what they do most of the time. Downloading is equal to reading for them.


2. Ignore previous years papers/ I do not care about the past


Solving  previous years papers help aspirants to know how much effort they need to put in. Unsuccessful candidates always make sure to purchase online test series & download it from online sources, but never bother to  revisit the online test series Or downloaded folder


3.Never get basics strong  - So cover it half-heartedly.


Instead of working on basic concepts & revising them, These candidates do half-hearted effort to understand them. Remeber, Repetition is the key. Understand basic concepts & keep reviewing it.


4. Believe periodic assessment is a waste of time.


Success requires regular assessment of performance & taking required measures to ensure success in the examination. Unsuccessful aspirants never evaluate their mock test, topic wise test performances


5. Believe in no practicing /no revision mantra/ I have got a great memory myth


People forget 77% of what they learned in six days. .Relatable & entertainment materials (like movies, songs, gossips, etc.) tend to be easier to remember than less meaningful material (like nonsense SSC syllables). Unsuccessful candidates focus more on relatable & entertainment material & avoid the cognitive pain of reading & revising syllabus. They don’t have a proper schedule to revise previously covered topics in coaching/self. They just keep going without looking back.


6. Believe in overnight success/ Hey! Rome was built in a single day


The road to success is a marathon, not a 100-meter sprint (Yep! Rome wasn't built in a single day). Unsuccessful candidates keep procrastinating with finishing course work & mock test practices. After some time, under time constraints & huge syllabus pressure, they start planning for next year examination. Next year, they do same things…..


7. MOCK tests are the key to success/unsuccess


Joining mock test will help you in the final selection. It will also provide  periodic feed back on you strength & weakness. The purpose of the mock test is to work on your strength & weakness, after analysing each mock test. Weak areas need to be improved through persistence. Unsuccessful candidates never evaluate their mock test. They just check aggregate score & move on to next with the hope of scoring better without putting required effort. 


8. Believe the fault of someone else/ They are the culprits...


Unsuccessful candidates blame situations, people for their unsuccess. They don’t realise it’s their life & they need to take responsibility for failure. No one else is going to do it for them.


9. Decide to settle with small victories during preparation


One good score in a test or few hours of study makes them complacent. They waste time with internet, TV, friends with just one small achievement.


10. Believe life is about goals; life is not about journey


They just focus on goals, and they forget to enjoy their preparation journey. This makes whole preparation duration painful for them. They take coachings, classes, syllabus , books as a compulsion.


To ensure success in any examination, one needs to plan, execute, revise & most importantly enjoy whole preparation journey.”


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Agree. Habit 1 must be avoided. Previous years papers are the most valuable source as the questions come from fixed areas and are predictable in nature.