23rd July

Become Unbeatable Student: 7 Steps


We all are capable of doing much more than we think that we can.”

Albert Einstein


I call it 30X Black box paradox. We are capable of 30 times what our current prototype allow us to believe. This article will show you the path to become an unbeatable student by tapping the vast potential lying dormant inside you.


1. Brainy compass: Root of all the Success

The art of deep work is vanishing from our life. We juggle between our smartphone, friends, coaching & books. We just keep checking our Facebook, WhatsApp & other mobile apps.

This is leading us toward attention deficit. As a consequence, the few who cultivates deep work/ brainy compass practice in their student life will thrive.

I define BRAINY COMPASS as a distraction free state of mind concentration where you can push your mind  to its cognitive limits. Brainy compass is the mind state when you can learn a new skill, master them & achieve earlier impossible goals.

Rules of Brainy compass

  1. Decide social media/WhatsApp usage time(say 30 minutes daily) & stick to it

  2. Decide a place & time for the brainy compass.

  3. Make commitment to spend daily 3 blocks of brainy compass time (2 hours each)

Keep visiting examsfunda.in blogs (3 articles on how to master brainy compass effectively are in pipeline)


2. One thing at a time: Save your mind

Multitasking became a buzzword after the advent of information technology era. People consider multitasking as a valuable skill. Studies say multitasking kills your brain; multitasking can drop IQ as much as 15 points.

In one of the studies, researchers compared people who claim themselves a multitasker & people who believed in one thing at a time principle. The efficiency & effectiveness of the second group was too good in comparison.

Hence multitasking not something to flaunt, but rather a harmful habit to put a stop to.


3. Blueprint Plan: Failing to plan is planning to fail

Research says, Planning your goals & writing them on paper increases chances of achieving them nine times. Planning should be both long term & short term.

We should make yearly goals then zoom out them into quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily goals


4. Sleep: Sleep tight, wake up bright

Healthy sleeping habits are crucial for your success. One should take 6- 7 hours sleep daily. Make a sleep schedule & stick to it.

Switch of your laptop & mobile half an hour before sleep. Read some motivational & inspirational book before sleeping.


5. Meditation: Tame your monkey mind

Meditation is the exercise of the 21st century. Meditation helps us to focus our mind on studies & things, which are important  & eliminates fear, anxiety from our mind.

One should practice 10 minutes meditation twice a day daily. Practicing meditation makes a huge difference on D days, when pressure is maximum.


6. Exercise daily: Get healthier & smarter

Scientific studied proves that regular exercise improves our cognitive ability, which can improve your examination results.

Exercise also improves our memory power, increase our focus & attention, relieve study related stress. One should do daily 30 minutes of exercise. It can be anything  yoga, running, aerobics, swimming, etc

7. 5 minutes breathing: Slowly, gently, Deeply

5 minutes deep breathing daily will relax your muscle, improves oxygen level in our body- which increased the functionality of our brain & other organs & detoxify our body.

Deep breathing trigger release of endorphins which improves our mood, which is really crucial to maintain our cognitive performance.



About Author - Author of the Article, Mr Amit Anand Tiwari, is IIM Lucknow student and was selected in various Banks as PO  and other competitive exams.