6th June

How To Crack SBI-PO in the First Attempt


SBI PO (Pre) 2016 for 2200 posts is going to be conducted on 02, 03, 09 & 10 July 2016. With exam date getting closer every day, it is obvious for aspirants to be nervous or be on the edge of their seat.

SBI is by far the best public sector bank to work for, be it working conditions or salary and packages or career growth, and that raises the stake for getting SBI PO (Pre) 2016final selection, even more.




So, now let us discuss, what could be the strategy over the next 25 days to make it through to the Mains Exam.

1) Practice, Practice and Practice -

You may have been studying/preparing for SBI PO exam or other such competitive exams for quite some time now and may have chalked out some strategy of yours to give the exam. Well, with 25 days left to go, it is time to put your idea to practice.

What I would suggest is to attempt at 8-10 practice sets similar to one coming in the exam. If possible, give some online SBI PO (Pre) tests also, just to get the feel of the real thing. This will help you understand whether your strategy is right or not.


2) Try to hit the Bull's Eye -

Well, every question in the exam is just like a target, a target to bring you closure to your goal of getting through to the Mains Exam. For that, you need to have good accuracy and at the same time speed to complete good enough number of questions.

Normally, the accuracy of 85% is considered good. But I think one should go one step ahead and hit the Bull's Eye by achieving the accuracy of 90-95%, especially in Maths and Reasoning. And believe me, it's possible with continuous practice.


3) Time and Tide Waits for None -

Time has the utmost important place in the life of the people, and its importance increases manifold when you are sitting in the examination centre and hard work of last 3-6 months is dependent on that one hour.

So, it becomes necessary to manage your time well and give appropriate time to each section, as one has to clear sectional cut-off as well.

One has to know their strength areas and attempt those questions quickly so that sometimes can be given to weaker areas/section. Please bear in mind, to not spend too much time on one question, as this can derail your whole strategy. Just leave the question and move on.


4) Kill your doubts or it will kill you -

Just imagine getting 5 questions relating to a particular chapter where you have doubts and therefore left it. Those 5 marks can make or break your chances. So, Always clear your doubts relating to any section or aspect relating to the exam.

Doubts can be cleared with the help of books or online content, mentors or friends. So, clear your doubts before it kills your chances.


Last Year's Cut-Off


Last year SBI PO (Pre) 2015 cut off was, as given below -




What to Expect in The Exam


We will now look into what we can expect in the SBI PO (Pre) Exam 2016. We will have a look at the exam section wise -


1) Reasoning Aptitude -

We expect the section to be Moderate. Questions pertaining to following topics is expected to be asked in the exam -

a) Seating Arrangement - 5 Ques. (Difficult)

b) Puzzle (Most likely Floor/Rank related) - 5 Ques (Moderate)

c) Coding - Decoding - 5 Ques (Moderate)

d) Syllogism - 3-4 Ques (Easy)

e) Data Sufficiency - 3-4 Ques (Easy to Moderate)

f) Statement & Assumptions/Course of Action - 3-4 Ques (Moderate)

g) Input-Output/ Inequality - 3-4 Ques (Moderate to Difficult)

h) Alphabet & Number Series - 3-4 Ques (Easy)

So, seeing the above analysis it becomes clear that one should go for Seating Arrangement, Input-Output only after they have attempted all other questions and still have time left in the time allocated to the section.


2) Quantitative Aptitude -

We expect the section to be Moderate to Difficult. Questions pertaining to following topics is expected to be asked in the exam -

a) Data Interpretation - 10 Ques (2 Sets) (Moderate)

b) Series - 5 Ques (Moderate to Difficult)

c) Simplification/ Approximation - 5 Ques (Moderate)

d) Misc Questions based on Time, Distance & Speed, Time & Work, Percentage, Mixture, Partnership, Profit & Loss, Probability, Age, Interest, etc. - 15 Ques (Moderate)

Even though most of the questions in this section will be of moderate nature, it is the time taken for calculation in these question which will make the job bit difficult. So, one has to make their calculation fast. Try to solve as much as possible within your mind without having to write it. One can develop their own strategy to speed up the things, like, using options to solve the questions.


3) English -

We expect the section to be Moderate. Questions pertaining to following topics is expected to be asked in the exam -

a) Reading Comprehension - 8-10 Ques. (Moderate to Difficult)

b) Spot The Error - 5 Ques (Moderate)

c) Jumbled Paragraph - 5 Ques (Moderate)

d) Fill in The Blanks/Cloze Test - 8-10 Ques (Easy to Moderate)

One can always attempt all the questions other than Reading Comprehension first and then go for RC, if time permits.

Overall we expect the SBI PO (Pre) Exam 2016 to be of Moderate level. We expect the cut-off to be in same range as last year, i.e., 50-52 for General candidates, as they will be calling around 45-50k students for the Mains Exam.

So, go ahead and utilise the remaining days to the fullest and prepare for the real battle. But remember, if you fail, don't give up...because one failure doesn't define you. Get up again and fight harder.

4) General awareness -

I'll Share it through a separate article within next 2- 3 days. 


All the Best!

About Author - Author of the Article, Mr. Abhai Prasad, is working as Manager with State Bank of India and was selected in various Banks as PO  and other competitive exams.

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