6th September

Expand your vocabulary and learn new crucial words


Why a strong vocblury is important ?


Vocabulary forms a crucial part of any language. And being good at words is such a great advantage that you can not only score well in Aptitude exams, but also impress anyone, be it a doctor with words such as 'incision', 'invasive operation' or a lawyer with words such as 'habeas corpus' or 'mandamus'! Words reflect a person's knowledge and touch with the latest happenings of the world.

After hearing these uncommon words, a doctor or a lawyer (or anyone for that matter) would start seeing you with respect and then mould their language in a way as if they are talking to a knowledgeable person.


How to expand vocablury ?


Learning words is not an easy task. The problem with words is that words learnt even 3-4 days back are also tough to be recalled; the reason being that any word takes many repetitions to be implanted on to the brain forever. So, unless you read the word 'lacuna', for example, at least 5 times, you won't be able to remember it.

That's for sure. It happens with everyone.

Here, at Examsfunda, we have found a way out to avoid these multiple repetitions of learning a word. We will take 3 words daily and write their meanings in such a humorous way and with mnemonics (memory aids) that it would be a cakewalk for you to remember all words.

We hope you make the best use of it. And yea, be ready for a laugh riot ;-)