7th September


SSC CGL Tier I - GA Questions (All Shifts) - 07.09.2016

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Given below is the list of questions asked in today's exam (All Shifts) based on memory as provided by the students -

1. Name the Book written by panini?
Ans. Asthadhayi
2. NTPC is related to which field?
Ans. Power Development
3. First Muslim mayor of London?
Ans. Sadiq Khan
4. Pankaj adwani related to which sport?
Ans. Billiards
5. Pressure measured by which meter?
Ans. Barometer
6. Bauxite used in which industry?
Ans. Aluminium industry
7. Khizr Khan was the founder of which dynasty?
Ans. Sayyid Dynasty
8. Black soil another name is?
Ans. Regur Soil
9. What are the scheduled bank?
Ans. Bank listed in the schedule of RBI.
10. Which instrument is used to measure humidity?
Ans. Hygrometer
11. Lady ratan tata award is given in which fields?
Ans. Medical
12. How thermal electricity is generated?
Ans. Coal heat is used to produce water steam
13. Newly form president in brazil?
Ans. Michel Temer
14. What happens After corrosion weight of Iron?
Ans. Increases
15. Prince of Wales Cup is associated with which sports?
Ans: Golf
16. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Vtamin-B complex?
Ans: Pellagra
17. Heart speed is increases due to?
Ans: Physical activity, panic, stress, or anxiety
18. Which article deal with removing MP and MLA?
Ans: 102
19. Who is known as Vatapicaonda, who defeated the Pulkeshin II?
Ans: Narasimhavarman I
20. Which plantation usually made up of one or more rows of trees or shrubs planted in such a manner as to provide shelter from the wind and to protect soil from erosion?
Ans: Windbreak or shelterbelt


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