9th September

SSC CGL Tier I - GA Questions (All Shifts) - 08.09.2016

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Given below is the list of questions asked in today's exam (All Shifts) based on memory as provided by the students -

1. Color blindness is due to imbalance of?
Ans. Cone
2. Penicillin is derived from?
Ans. Penicillium mold
3. Bill for constitutional amendment initiated in?
Ans. Any house of Parliament
4. DPT is what type of vaccine?
Ans. Combination vaccine
5. Ftii chairman?
Ans. Gajendra Chauhan
6. Hardest coal type?
Ans. Anthracite
7. Best indicator of economic development?
Ans. Per Capita Income
8. Misson Indradhanush related to?
Ans. Full immunization of children heath
9. Red soil mainly found in?
10. Limestone is used in which industry?
Ans. Cement Industry
11. Directive principles of state policy adopted from which Constitution?
Ans. Irish Constitution
12. Colors of stars due to?
Ans. Related to temperature
13. Last battle of Vijayanagar?
Ans. Talikota battle
14. Mansabadari system is started by?
Ans. Akbar
15. Which ocean has the largest continental shelf?
Ans. Arctic ocean
16. Which area is known as Kamarpura?
Ans. Assam
17. Diode is generally used in?
Ans. Transistor
18. CENVAT tax is applied on?
19.State not selected in golden quadrilateral­
20.Yogeshwar Dutt related to which sport
Ans: Wrestling
21.Lemon contains
Ans: Vitamin C (Citric Acid)
22.Amartya sen got noble prize in which sector of economics
Ans: Welfare economics
23.Chipko movement slogan created by
Ans: Ghanshyam Raturi
24.Which can’t be created by IC
Ans: Triode
25.First organic state of the India
Ans: Sikkim
26.Largest coastline state of India
Ans: Gujarat


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