19th September

How to select Questions in the Exam ?
Smartly Tackling General Awareness and Logical Reasoning Sections
A. Ordering "General Awareness" Section:
We are writing about this section separately, because this below strategy works best for this section. "General Awareness" part is best taken at the end. Since this is a part in which not much logic but your knowledge works more, you either know or don't know a question. And thus this part takes the least time. Thus, the last 15-odd minutes are best for this section.
In the last few minutes, your brain also works with full efficiency, provided the rest of your paper has been good. This efficiency can be best utlized in General Awareness more than in any other subject.
B. Logical Reasoning is a tricky part and thus needs special mention.
It is a high-risk game; you can score heavily, and you can lose the selection as well. The reason is that there are caselets and 4-5 questions related to a caselet. If you have understood the caselet well and solved most part of it, then all the 4-5 questions can be done in seconds. This is the "High Gain" part of this section. 
Now, the "Lose" part is that if you are unable to solve the caselet for even just one piece of information, then you won't be able to solve many questions of this caselet. You will keep on scratching your head and say, "Oh Lord, just let me find the age of Reema in this caselt and I will be done". And at times, it will happen you will not be able to find the missing link of a caselet and you will be left with nothing but a vicious cycle of invoking your ego, "I have done a lot of Logical Reasoning in the past; I will definitely solve this caselet; no one can stop me. Moreover, I have solved most part of it, just one-two links are needed to be discovered". 
This is such a dangerous situation in that your decision at this stage can make you pass or fail the exam. If you keep on looking for finding the missing link, then you might end-up giving a single caselet so much time that in this time you would have solved two caselets. The other part to this situation is that your mind will tell you this- "I have already invested 10 minutes to this question. I can't leave it in between. I have to invest another 5 at least". 
This is where decision-making has to be super-quick and based on your intuition. If you are super-confident that you will find the missing link in the next 5 minutes, then invest 5 more minutes. If you are even 10% not confident, just leave this question and sprint to the other caselet. Even if you have given 10 minutes to a caselet and have been unable to solve it, it is OK to move ahead. Your selection won't be stopped just because of 10 minutes. And, as discussed at the start, always take up caselets you are comfortable with. If you are good at Seating Arrangement, then take it up first, even if it is the last caselet of the section. 
Good Luck!
Auther is IIM Lucknow Alumni