Directions (1-6): Study the following information to answer the given question :In a certain code,

‘weapons hidden in town’ is written as ‘white black yellow red’,
‘ready weapons for attack’ is written as’ grey indigo red green’,
‘hidden for own safety’ is written as ‘silver grey % violet white’ and
‘own town under attack’ is written as ‘ violet blue indigo black’

1. What is the code for ‘ready’

(A) red 
(B) indigo 
(C) green
(D) grey 
(E) Cannot be determined

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2. What does ‘silver’ stand for?

(A) safety 
(B) own 
(C) hidden
(D) for 
(E) Either ‘own’ or ‘for’

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3. ‘black pink yellow’ could be a code of which of the following?

(A) town under attack 
(B) hidden for safety 
(C) attack in town
(D) my own town 
(E) risk in town

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4. What is the code for ‘attack’?

(A) grey 
(B) indigo 
(C) white
(D) violet 
(E) blue

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5. Which of the following may represent ‘all hidden weapons’?

(A) white red orange 
(B) brown grey red 
(C) indigo white red
(D) red violet white 
(E) orange brown red

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6. What is the code for ‘own’?

(A) silver 
(B) blue 
(C) indigo
(D) violet 
(E) black

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