Directions: (Q. 1 - 5): Solve the following questions -

1. In A Certain Code ‘contributor’ Is Written As ‘rtnocirotub’. How Is ‘prohibition’ Written In That Code?

(A) Noitibihorp
(B) Ihorpbition
(C) Itionbihotp
(D) Ihorpbnoiti

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2. If ‘cat’ And ‘boat’ Are Written As Xzg And ‘ylzg’ Respectively In A Code Language How Is ‘egg’ To Be Written In The Same Language?

(A) Vss
(B) Urr
(C) Vtt
(D) Utf

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3. In A Code Language Singer Is Written As Aibced Then Ginger Will Be Written In The Same Code As—

(A) Cbiecd
(B) Cibced
(C) Cbiced
(D) Cibecd

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4. If Bat Is Coded As 283, Cat Is Coded As 383 And Are Is Coded As 801,Then The Code For Better Is—

(A) 213310
(B) 213301
(C) 123301
(D) 012334

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5. If Water Is Called Black, Black Is Called Tree, Tree Is Called Blue, Blue Is Called Rain, Rain Is Called Pink And Pink Is Called Fish In A Certain Language Then What Is The Colour Of Sky Called In That Language?

(A) Blue
(B) Fish
(C) Rain
(D) Pink

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