Directions (1 - 7): Study the following information to answer the given question : 

In an international meet, representatives, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H from eight different countries viz. Thailand, France, Holland, Austria, U.S., Spain, India and Germany (not necessarily in the same order) sit around a circular table facing the centre. A who represents Germany sits third to the left of E. The one who is from India sits to the immediate right of A. D who is from Holland sits second to the right of B. B is not an immediate neighbour of E. C who is from Spain sits exactly in the middle of people representing U.S. and India. G, the representative from France sits second to the left of H who is from Thailand.

1. How many people sit between A and representative from Austria when counted in clockwise direction?

(a) None 
(b) One 
(c) Two
(d) Three 
(e) Four

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2. Which of the following is TRUE regarding representative F?

(a) F is the representative of Austria
(b) F sits second to the left of the representative from Thailand.
(c) Representative from Germany is not an immediate neighbour of F.
(d) E sits third to the right of F.
(e) None of true.

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3. In which of the following pairs is there representative from the first country sitting to the immediate left of the representative from the second country?

(a) India-Thailand 
(b) Austria-U.S. 
(c) Thailand-Holland
(d) Spain-Germany 
(e) U.S.-.Spain

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4. What .is the position of B with respect to the position of representative from the U.S.?

(a) Third to the left 
(b) Fourth of the right 
(c) Fourth to the left
(d) Second to the right 
(e) Second to the left

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5. Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbours of the representative from Holland?

(a) CG 
(b) BE 
(c) AH
(d) HB 
(e) GE

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6. Representative from which of the following is seated to the left of Indian representative?

(a) Thailand 
(b) U.S. 
(c) France
(d) Spain 
(e) None of these

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7. The representative of which of the following countries sits exactly in the middle of the representatives from Thailand and France?

(a) Holland 
(b) Austria 
(c) Germany
(d) U.S. 
(e) None of these

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