Question 1)

Who got the Domestic Cricketer of the Year award at the CEAT Cricket Awards 2016?

1) Shreyas Iyer

2) Ajinkya Rahane

3) Virat Kohli

4) Rishabh Pant

5) None of these             

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Question 2) NASA Curiosity rover has discovered an unexpected mineral in a rock sample on Mars, a finding that suggests the red planet hosted explosives volcanoes  during its evolution. Discovered mineral is ...............

1) Tridymite

2) Matiamite

3) Planetomite

4) Labomite

5) None of these

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Question 3) World suicide Prevention day is celebrated on .............. annually to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides.

1) 10th September

2) 1st July

3) 18th August

4) 5th October

5) None of these

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Question 4) Who became the first cueist from India to win a bronze medal at the Prestigious Sangsom 6 Red Snooker World Championship held in Thialand ?

1) Priya Shanker

2) Baldeep Singh

3) Vilendra Singh

4) Pankaj Arjun Advani

5) None of these                             

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Question 5) ..................... is appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of IDBI Asset Management Company.

1) Dilip Kumar

2) Gyanendra Singh

3) Pankaj Singh

4) Rameshavar Gupta

5) None of these

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Question 6) Recently the Uttar Pradesh Government has appointed one of the bollywood actress as brand ambassador of the ambitious Samajwadi Pension Yojana. Who is she?

1) Katrina Kaif

2) Amisha Patel

3) Anushka Sharma

4) Vidya Balan

5) None of these

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Question 7) Which team has won the Inaugural Day/night Duleep Trophy tournament in Greater Noida?

1) India White

2) India A

3) India Blue

4) India Purple

5) None of these.

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Question 8) Which company introduced the world’s first self driving cars on the road in the steel city, Pittsburgh, USA?

1) Apple

2) Ducati

3) Uber

4) Google.

5) None of these

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Question 9) Praj Industries has signed  an agreement with ............... for setting up multiple second Generations (2G) bio-ethanol plants based on indigenously developed technology.



3) CPM


5) None of these

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Question 10) Who has been appointed as the President of World Bank?

1) Jim Yong Kim

2) Ban Ki Moon

3) Jim Chatterjie

4) Arvind Kumar

5) None of these

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