Directions : Solve the following questions -

1. Which country will host 2016 Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation? 

[E]None of these

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2. Which countries are participating in the naval Exercise IBSAMAR 2016? 

[A]Australia, Bangladesh and Indonesia 
[B]India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka 
[C]Brazil, India and South Africa 
[D]Indonesia, Bangladesh and South Korea 
[E]None of these

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3. Which district has been declared as “Zero Landless District” by Kerala government? 

[E]None of these

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4. According to the latest Hurun Global Rich List, which city has become the new “Billionaire Capital of the World”? 

[C]New York
[E]None of these

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5. Who has been appointed as the Director General (DG) of Indian Coast Guard (ICG)? 

[A]Mangesh Sharma 
[B]Milan Dhankar 
[C]Rajendra Singh 
[D]Naresh Jain 
[E]None of these

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