(Q. 1 - 5) Solve the following questions based on the pie chart given below -

1) The percentage change in the sales of Toshiba in 1999 is approximately _____

a) 16%
b) 61%
c) 22%
d) 68%
e) None of these

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2) Which brand of computers among those shown, exhibited the second highest rate of growth in two years and had less sales in 1999 than 1998?

a) HP
b) Compaq
c) Samsung
d) All of these
e) None of these

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3) What is the ratio between the Compaq sales in 1998 and those of IBM in 1999?

a) 0.94
b) 1.06
c) 1.13
d) 0.89
e) None of these

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4) For which brand of computers, did the sales increase the maximum in terms of absolute value between the two years?

a) IBM
b) Samsung
c) HP
d) Compaq
e) Both Samsung and IBM

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5) IBM's sales in 1998 is what percentage of the sales of Samsung in 1999?

a) 46.34%
b) 52.34%
c) 57%
d) 60.8%
e) None of these

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