Directions: (1 - 5) Choose the option which has correct pair to fill the blank space given in question.

1. India the seventh largest country in the world is well marked with off from the rest of Asia by mountains and the sea, which gives the country a distinct geographical …………..

(A) Entity (B) Identity (C) Status (D) Stature (E) Network (F) Standing 

(1) A & D 
(2) B & E 
(3) C & F 
(4) B & D 
(5) A & B

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2. The great plain of India is formed by the Indus, Ganga and the Brahmaputra rivers. the plain extends for 3200 km between the mouths of the Ganga and the Indus, all along the foot of the mountain rim, with a width …………from 150 to 300 km.

(A) Ranging (B) Varying (C) Spreading (D) Encompassing (E) Covering (F) Differing 

(1) A & B 
(2) C & E 
(3) D & E 
(4) A & F 
(5) B & F

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3. Rupee is the …………..currency of India.

(A) Only (B) Official (C) Operating (D) Accepted (E) Acknowledged (F) Popular 

(1) A & C 
(2) A & D 
(3) A & E 
(4) B & E 
(5) A & B

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4. If your friends …………….your house from a block away by the smell of curry, you are still an Indian who is in America.

(A)Mark (B) Locate (C) Identify (D) Reach (E) Move (F) Indicate 

(1) B & E 
(2) A & D 
(3) C & D 
(4) B & C 
(5) B & D 

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5. If you avoid shopping online because you cannot ………… are still an Indian who is in America. 

(A) Bargain (B) Negotiate (C) Afford (D) Exchange (E) Return (F) Change 

(1) A & C 
(2) B & D 
(3) E & F 
(4) A & B 
(5) C & E

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