1. On Rs.3000 invested at a simple rate of interest 4% per annum, Rs.600 is obtained as d interest in a certain number of years. In order to earn Rs.2000 as interest on Rs.5000 in the same number of years, what should be the rate of simple interest?





None of these

2. Divide Rs.5500 between A and B so that A’s share at the end of 3 years may equal B’s share at the end of 5 years, compound interest being at 20%.

A–3000, B–2500

A–2600, B–2900

A–2000, B-3500

A-2400, B-3100

A-2500, B-3000

3. A can do a piece of work in 8 days and B can do it in 5 days. They work together for 2 days and then A leaves the work. How long will now B take to finish it?

1 days

2 days

1 ¾ days

5 days

None of these

4. A man travels 420 km in 5 hours partly by train and partly be car. Had he travelled all the way by train he would have saved of the time he was in car and would have arrived at his destination 2 hours early. Find the distance he travelled by car.

89.72 km

90.69 km

93.34 km

96.71 km

98.54 km

5. The average age of husband, wife and their child 3 years ago was 27 years and that of wife and the child 5 years ago was 20 years. The present age of the husband is:

35 years

40 years

50 years

Data inadequate

None of these