1. An aeroplane flies with an average speed of 756 km/hr. A helicopter takes 48 hours to cover twice the distance covered by aero plane in 9 hours. How much distance will the helicopter cover in 18 hours? (Assuming that flights are non-stop and moving with uniform speed)

5014 km

5140 km

5130 km

5103 km

None of these

2. The circumference of a semi­ circle of area 1925 sq. cm is equal to the breadth of a rectangle. If the length of the rectangle is equal to the perimeter of a square of side 48 cm. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

734 cm

754 cm

745 cm

Cannot be determined

None of these

3. Meera purchased an item for 62,000 and sold it at loss of 25 percent. With that amount she purchased another item and sold it at a gain of 30 percent.  What was her overall gain/loss?

Loss of 1560

Profit of 1560

Loss of 1550

Profit of 1550

None of these

4. Sum of two numbers is equal to sum of square of 11 and cube of 9. Larger number is (5)2 less than square of 25. What is the value of the sum of twice of 24- percent of the smaller number and half of the larger number?





None of these

5. The difference between the sum of four consecutive odd numbers and three consecutive even numbers together is 20. Also, the largest even number is 5 more than the largest odd number. What is the sum of the smallest odd number and the smallest even number?




Cannot be determined

None of these