1. Despite provisions of legal punishment, child labour is prevalent in our society.

Which of the following could be a logical course of action for the above mentioned phenomenon?

Strict laws should be made by the parliament against child labour.

Focus should be brought about on the proper execution of the legal provisions.

The youth should be persuaded to rebel against their parents who are involved in child labour.

All business establishments who are involved in child labour should be closed.

none of these

2. Statistics released by the national Crime Records Bureau show the maximum unnatural deaths recorded in 2012 were in road accidents. Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the above statement?

Public transportation systems are no longer safe for travelling.

People are taking no precaution while driving.

In India, there are no proper safety measures for vehicles.

In India, people do not follow traffic rules and regulations.

None of these

3. Owing to delayed and weak south-west monsoon there is an alarming depletion in the water levels of important reservoirs.

Which of the following courses of action could be ta en by the government?

The Central Government should issue an advisory to the State Government to ma e judicious and regulated release of water.

The government should give preference to drinking water and irrigation, and enhance ground water use to meet current needs.

Farmers should be advised by the government to grow such crops as require less water.

All 1), 2) and 3)

None of these

4. The interest rates on small savings schemes such as the post office savings schemes, ROI Relief Bonds, Provident Fund and PPF continue to be administered at high levels in relation to market rates. These schemes also have a variety of tax schemes and tax incentives which result in much higher post-tax returns, and on the flip side more liability for the government. Which of the following inferences drawn from the facts stated in the above passage is definitely true?

Tax incentives are provided to benefit all sections of the society.

The interest rates on small savings have decreased considerably over the last few years.

Returns on different government-administered savings schemes are higher for the tax-paying individuals.

The government-administered savings schemes drain out the exchequer’s money in the long run.

None of these

5. The Rail Ministry has decided to set up one-stop facility counters to attend the various needs of the passenger’s at all major stations. Which of the following assumptions is implicit in the above statement? (An assumption is something taken for granted)

Majority of the passengers will remain deprived of the variety of services during their journey.

The services provided by these counters will help all those passengers who are travelling alone.

This will lead to an extra burden on the Railways.

The services provided by these counters will result in better facilities to the passengers.

None of these