1. The 2017 National Doctors Day (NDD) is celebrated on which date in India?

June 29

July 2

June 30

July 1

2. India’s biggest Global Skill Park will be set up in which city?





3. Who has become the first female Chief Executive of Hong Kong?

Woo Kwok Tsang

Maggie Cheung

Carrie Lam

Jessica Hester Hsuan

4. India has signed how much amount of loan agreement with ADB for improving road connectivity and efficiency in Rajasthan?

$220 million

$200 million

$250 million

$185 million

5. Who has become the first Indian to win in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship?

Ajith Kumar

Ashwin Sundar

Jehan Daruvala

Akhil Rabindra