1. March 8th is observed as

(a) World Environment day

(b) Heritage day

(c) International Women’s day

(d) Youth day

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2. 'National Integration' Day is observed on

(a) January 30

(b) May 21

(c) October 30

(d) None of these

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3. Teachers Day is observed every year on

(a) 5th September

(b) 15th September

(c) 20th September

(d) 25th September

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4. The World Day to Combat Desertification is observed every, year on:

(a) 4th May

(b) 17thJune

(c) 14th August

(d) 3rd October

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5. The World Environment Day observed on

(a) 15th June

(b) 5thJune

 (c) 10th October

(d) 8th March

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6. National Science Day is celebrated every year on

(a) February 20

(b) February 25

(c) April 5

(d) February 28

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7. World Health Day is observed on

(a) June 5

(b) April 7

(c) June 7

(d) July 11

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8. In a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of brotherhood and peace, the UN General Assembly declared his

birth anniversary, October 2, as the

(a) International Day of Non-Violence

(b) International Day of Cooperation

(c) International Day of Peace and Cooperation

(d) International Day of Peace and Non-Violence

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8. ‘Consumer Day' is celebrated every year on

(a) 1st April

(b) 23rd April

(c) 15th March

(d) 5th December

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9. Which day is the International Human Rights Day?

(a) December 10th .

(b) October 24th

(c) November 25th

(d) None of the above

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