Directions (Q. 1 -5): Solve the following questions-

1. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 20 and 30 minutes respectively. If both the pipes are used together, then how long will it take to fill the tank ?

a) 12 min 
b) 15 min 
c) 25 min
d) 50 min 
e) None of these

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2. A lent Rs. 5000 to B for 2 years and Rs. 3000 to C for 4 years on simple interest at the same rate of interest and received Rs. 2200 in all from both of them as interest. The rate of interest per annum is:

a) 5% 
b) 7% 
c) 7 1/8%
d) 10% 
e) None of these

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3. An agent gets a commission of 2.5% on the sales of cloth. If on a certain day, he gets Rs.12.50 as commission, the cloth sold through him on that day is worth

a) Rs.250 
b) Rs.500 
c) Rs.750
d) Rs.1250 
e) None of these

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4. The cost of carpeting a room 18 m long with a carpet 75 cm wide at Rs.4.50 per metre is Rs.810. The breadth of the room is :

a) 7 m 
b) 7.5 m 
c) 8 m
d) 8.5 m 
e) None of these

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5. A Students was asked to find the arithmetic mean of the numbers 3, 11, 7, 9, 15, 13, 8, 19, 17, 21, 14 and x. He found the mean to be 12. What should be the number in place of x?

a) 3 
b) 7 
c) 17
d) 31 
e) None of these

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