1. The saliva helps in the digestion of

(a) Proteins

(b) Fibres

(c) Starch

(d) Fats

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2. The phenomenon of mirage is due to the

(a) Total internal reflection

(b) Increased absorption of light by air at the higher temperature

(c) Change in refractive index of air with the change in temperature

(d) Decreased absorption of light by air at the higher temperature

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3. Acid rain is caused by pollution of the environment by

(a) Nitrous oxide and sulphur dioxide

(b) Carbon dioxide and nitrogen

(c) Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

(d) Ozone and carbon dioxide

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4. Which of the following is a mineral coal ?

(a) Bauxite

(b) Graphite

(c) Haematite

(d) Anthracite

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5. Which of the following represents the food chain ?

(a) Plants-herbivores-carnivores

(b) Decomposers-plants-herbivores-plants

(c) Carnivores-decomposers-herbivores-plants

(d) Plants-decomposers-herbivores-carnivores

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6. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by

(a) X-rays

(b) Ultrasonics

(c) Electrons

(d) Photons

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7. Cylindrical glasses are advised to a patient suffering from

(a) Astigmatism

(b) Hypermetropia

(c) Myopia

(d) Night blindness

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8. Which of the following planets orbits around the sun in a clockwise direction from the east to the west ?

(a) Uranus

(b) Earth

(c) Mercury 

(d) Jupiter

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9. An association of two dissimilar organisms to their mutual advantage is called

(a) Symbiosis

(b) Mutation

(c) Hybridisation

d) Co-existence

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10 Which of the following statements is incorrect ?

(a) Milk is a rich source of iron

(b) Milk is essential for babies

(c) Milk contains lactose

(d) Milk contains proteins

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