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‘Classification’ means to list the items of a given group on the basis of certain quality and then choose the stranger out. In such type of questions four or five items are given out of which one does not belong to the group on the basis of the some common characteristics.

Types of Classification

Type I: Selecting the odd word : Here we have to choose the word which is least like the other words in the group.

Example: Select the word which is least like the other words in the group.

(a) Rice  (b) Wheat  (c) Barley  (d) Mustard

Solution: (d) Except for Mustard all other are food grains.


Type II: Selecting the odd pair of words: In this type of questions, certain pairs of words are given. Out of these the words in all the pairs except one, bear a certain common relationship.

The candidate has to decipher this relationship and choose the pair which is differently related.

Example: Choose the odd pair of words

(a) Shoe : Leather  (b) Iron : Axe

(c) Table : Wood  (d) Jewellery : Gold

Solution: (b). In all other pairs, first is product made from the second.


Type III: Selecting the odd Numeral : Here, five numbers are given out of which one does not belong to that group in some manner.

Example: Choose the number which is different from others in the group

(a) 17  (b) 27  (c) 29  (d) 37

Solution: (b) Each of the numbers except 27, is a prime number.


Type IV: Selecting the odd Numeral group or Numeral Pair : In this type, certain pairs/groups of numbers are given. Out of which all except one, follow the same pattern.

Example: Choose the number pair/group which is different from others.

(a) 117:13  (b) 162:18  (c) 171:19  (d) 304:16

Solution: (d). In all other pairs first number is 9 times the second.


Type V: Selecting the odd letter Group : In this type five groups of letters are given. Four of them are similar in some manner but one of them is odd.

Example: Choose the group of letters which is different from others.

(a) VRT  (b) RMP  (c) YUW  (d)FBD

Solution: (b) In all other groups, the 2nd, 3rd and 1st letters are alternate letters of the alphabet order.

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